Parasummer 2010: Pärnu, July 17-25


Cypres 2

Lennuliiklusteeninduse AS

Eesti Langevarjuklubi / Skydive Estonia


Sky Plus FM


WHAT? Parasummer 2010, the 11th skydiving boogie organized by Skydive Estonia.

WHERE? Pärnu Airport, Estonia.

WHEN? July 17 to 25, 2010.

COSTS? Registration fee (EEK 500 / EUR 32 in advance or EEK 700 / EUR 45 on-site), jump tickets (EEK 330 / EUR 22 from airplanes; balloon prices TBD), food, evening beers, accommodation (see below). You can pay in cash (EEK) or with credit card (Visa/MC).

REQUIREMENTS? Jumpers have to meet or exceed the FAI requirements for a B-category certificate of proficiency. Reserves must have been packed no more than 6 months prior to the last day of the boogie. All rigs will be inspected by our riggers and will be tagged if compatible. Make sure to bring your log-book, certificate of proficiency or license (FAI, USPA or national), as well as reserve repack and Cypres (if you have one) check documents. If you want to freefly make sure to have BOC (not ROL or similar), no loose pouches either please.

AIRCRAFT? Let L-410 "Turbolet" and Britten-Norman "Islander". Hot air balloon jumps will be organized, too.

Bigway: Marcus Laser (10 000+ jumps, USPA I/E, founder and director of Instructors Academy)
Freeflying: Stephan Lipp (14 600+ jumps,, professional skydiver & BASE jumper)
Wingsuit: Jari Kuosma, 4 800+ jumps incl 3 600+ wingsuit jumps, founder and president of BirdMan)

ACCOMMODATION? The official sleeping place is Jõekääru Camp. Place in a camping house costs EEK 140 / EUR 9 per night, place for tent or caravan EEK 60 / EUR 4 per night. Use of sauna is included in the price.

REGISTRATION? Pre-registration is over. You can register yourself at the info desk.

MORE INFO? Check out our Facebook page, send an email to or call Veela at +372 5109958.