Parasummer 2005, July 9-16:
15 € to 4 km over Pärnu, Estonia


Nissan X-Trail


Silja Line

Zebra Infosüsteemid

Balti Kontsert

Music Center



Parasummer is over, see you at Parasummer!

Parasummer 2005 is now history. During 8 days, nearly 200 skydivers from 12 countries made more than 3 thousand jumps. Detailed information will be published here in near future, but one thing is sure: next Parasummer will take place in July 2006.

To get a glimpse of what you experienced (or missed), check out the Parasummer Blog that is published both in Estonian and English.

What, Where, When, and the other questions

WHAT? Parasummer 2005, the 7th of its kind, is the biggest international boogie in the Baltics featuring fast planes, marvellous coast scenery, crazy parties, friendly organisers, and a lot more.

WHERE? The boogie will be held at Pärnu Airport [EEPU] just 5 km from Pärnu, the "summer capital" of Estonia, and about 130 km from Tallinn.

WHEN? From 9th to 16th of July 2005.

WHO? BirdMan coaches: Jari Kuosma, the president and founder of BirdMan, Inc; Jussi Holopainen; and Toomas "ekstremist" Talts. Freefly coaches: James Evered and Teppo Heikkinen. Big-way load organiser: Markku Teivainen. Tandem instructors: Peter Engström and Raul Reap (more info).

COSTS? Jump ticket to 4 000 m (13 000 ft) costs 15 €, registration fee is 45 € in advance or 60 € on site, and a case of beer (20x50cl) can be bought for about 12 €. Coach jumps cost 30 € apiece so a 4-way with James or Jari will only add 10 € to each skydiver's jump ticket.

REQUIREMENTS? The jumpers have to meet or exceed the FAI requirements for a B-category certificate. Reserves must have been packed no more than 6 months prior to the last day of the boogie. All rigs will be inspected by our riggers and will be tagged if compatible. Make sure to bring your log-book, certificate of proficiency or license (FAI, USPA or national), as well as reserve repack and cypres (if you have one) check documents. If you want to freefly make sure to have BOC, not ROL or similar, no loose pouches either please. Students, who haven't yet met the B-category requirements, can also jump in case they have a written permission of an instructor of their home drop zone and they are able to fully control their movement in freefall and under canopy (more info).

AIRCRAFT? This year we'll have two Let L-410 twin turboprops and one Antonov An-28 tailgate. All planes are piloted by experienced crews and take 18 to 20 skydivers to 4 km in less than 20 minutes.

ACCOMMODATION & FOOD? The "official" sleeping place is Jõekääru camping some 3 km away (there will be free bus transfers from there to the DZ and back). Breakfast and dinner will be served at Jõekääru, and lunch on the dropzone. There are also many hotels, hostels and motels in and around Pärnu.

PARTIES? All parties are free for all boogie participants. Our featured stars are Compromise Blue, one of the major Estonian bands, and Rokiosakond, our country's only rock band consisting solely of skydivers.

REGISTRATION? The registration is now open. Just fill in an online form and save 15 € by paying your registration fee before end of June! (more info)

MORE INFO? Send a message to or call Veela at +372 5109958.